Come Fly with Me . . .

Photos courtesy of Jeannemarie Photography.

Photos courtesy of Jeannemarie Photography.

For a recent group visiting Oahu from Mexico, we held lunch at the iconic Pacific Aviation Museum.

Guests enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the WWII vehicles that surrounded the space from docents on site while relaxing over a bountiful lunch. The lunch took place between tours of the USS Missouri and USS Arizona Memorial. We decided to brighten the airplane hanger space with colorful linens and centerpieces that were not the stereotypical patriotic look. Period music from 1940's played in the background to further enliven the energy of the space.

Guests LOVED this wonderful setting! 

Whatever you do, do it well.
Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.
— Walt Disney

Often we are asked to create environments that are experiential, and it is then that we look to add elements that are unexpected. The mixing of the obviously patriotic with the whimsical linen and flowers added a touch of color, texture and unexpected luxury to this very beige and unique venue! 

Thank you so much for all you and your team did to make this day a success. We could not have done it without your attention to detial at every turn ...
— NYL Client

Adding Health & Wellness to Your Hawaii Incentive Program!

As a DMC in Hawaii, we are fortunate to live and work in “paradise.” When we are not hard at work event planning, creating exciting activities, and managing arrivals & departure manifests, we too are enjoying the health benefits of Hawaii. Not only does Hawaii offer an exotic destination within the US, it also offers unique and diverse health and wellness opportunities.

For many high achievers, being part of an incentive program that includes a winner’s trip to Hawaii means working hard to reach corporate targets. Some may miss meals, family time, daylight, and exercise - all in pursuit of the amazing incentive trip! But missing these things takes a toll on one’s health. Why not use your incentive trip to help your guests re-connect with a healthy lifestyle?

The key to enjoying one’s health is partially based on customizing experiences to the individual. Make it a fun and experiential part of their lives, and they will embrace it!

Island Events Recommends These Health & Wellness HINTs: 

Time: offer your attendees a commitment of time and facilities on the incentive trip to be healthier and active right here in Hawaii! 

Diversity: Offer all types of exercise and offer some ways for guests to rejuvenate such as yoga or meditation classes - maybe on the beach at sunrise. 

Create a daily FUN and FREE exercise option. Offer this for all attendees and make them fun! Vary the exercise level and intensity so everyone can find an appropriate, enjoyable option. Offer exclusive group activities such as Kayaking and individual activities such as personal trainers & fitness evaluations with certified trainers.  

Check in with the Resort: your host resort may already have some wonderful on property options for you - if not, let us know and we can create some! 

ATV in the breathtaking island valleys

ATV in the breathtaking island valleys

Kayak through rich blue waters

Kayak through rich blue waters

Bike down volcanoes!

Bike down volcanoes!

Waterfall repel down island jungle

Waterfall repel down island jungle

Let's Have a Groovy Evening

We recently created a Sixties-inspired event for an established client - MicroSemi - to be held at the Four Seasons Maui.

We have built a level of trust and understanding working together throughout the years and have fun working together to be creative and fresh. However, repeat clients require that “What’s next? What’s new? What’s different?” conversation and the discussion soon ended with themed events for their corporate incentive trip.

You can tell by the photos this group was really into it! The inner hippies came out in full splendor! We created custom graphics, decor, menu, and of course, supplied plenty of extra props. The bigger-than-life-sized Jimi Hendrix really set the mood for the party. And for the inquiring minds, Hawaii has not legalized marijuana, so Maui Wowie was not on the menu.  Below are a few helpful hints when planning themed events on the islands.


Helpful Hints for Themed Events:

Inspired events in Hawaii take advance planning. Specialty items that provide that “pop” in the event design can be somewhat hard to find or are in limited supply. Be sure to reserve well in advance or allow time to create them specifically for your event.

Give your guests time. Giving your guests advance notice means they have time to pull together and pack their own pieces and parts to be part of the dramatic experience!

Lighting. As always, well-designed event lighting can be your best friend. Versatile, moving, logo-customized, and targeted lighting can take any space from drab to groovy in no time flat.

Make it relevant: Many of the guests at this event were “in their prime” in the 1960’s and thought it was amazing to relive the memories for one night! They were engaged and it brought flashbacks of a time they loved! Know your guests and what they relate to. For example, a sci-fi inspired event would not have done so well for this group.

Not Just Another Hawaiian Luau!

We recently received a glowing letter from a valued client for whom we produced a five-day full incentive program on the island of Maui. We managed their arrivals, departures, hospitality desk and activities – but it was the evening events that stole the show!

The incentive program was actually a repeat Hawaii experience for many of the guests – but their first “Island Events Experience”.

Because many guests were returning visitors, we wanted to create island-inspired programs that spoke to the sense of place, yet were unique and created “a first” for these well-traveled guests.

Our tiki-inspired Welcome Party was a huge hit – just the right amount of Hawaiiana and kitsch to say “ALOHA.” But we wanted to make sure their final night was not "just another luau in Hawaii.”

Our final night, a Vegas-inspired setting, was held at “Tsunami’s” night club (now defunct) and featured an Elvis Presley impersonator (circa 1966 in Blue Hawaii) with live show girls! This cultural crossover provided hours of light-hearted, entertaining fun and most definitely not your average luau!